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You’re here because you have a vision. We have the expertise to bring it into this world. Talented doesn’t begin to describe our team. We’ll sow the seeds of your dream then water them every day because our mission is to give you Jack in the Giant Beanstalk, if that’s what you want. Manifesting projects like yours take work but our crew members are no stranger to getting dirty.

More determined than the Wright brothers, we’ll roll up our sleeves to get your project completed. No matter the size or current state of things; we’ll get it done. You’ll never need to wonder if the tasks are being ticked off because radio silence isn’t in our vocabulary. Phone calls, emails, text messages — we’ll communicate every step along the way to ensure the final incarnation reflects not just your construction goals but, also, everything we stand for: integrity, collaboration and dedication to the craft.


Full service means we do it all, in-house, so your search for contractors is over. ‘Keep it simple’ is our motto about our company and this one-chef-in-the-kitchen management style translates into lower costs and higher quality. Our clients have remarked upon our attention to detail and honesty but what they like the most is their ability to lean-back, kick their feet up and watch us get the work done.

Experienced in all phases of construction, our customers are secure that we’re the guy for the job because we specialize in all the things. We’re not going to say we make remodeled bathrooms and new homes materialize in a big puff of sparks and smoke but that’s how our clients say it feels. Just like magic.

If real-world grit and a little bit of pixie dust fits in with your construction goals, let us know because we’re the closest thing to a fairy godmother on the California central coast. 

about our company dedicated to kitchen remodel excellence


Legacy. It’s a little word with a lot of meaning for the Downs family. For more than eighty years, Shane’s family has been pouring their blood, sweat and tears into Associated Construction. A small, family-owned and run company, they weren’t the biggest in the business when they started but that’s changing. Word of their reputation has taken hold. Steadfast, trust-worthy even brilliant, they’ve proven their dedication to the craft of construction for the past century.

Born, raised and currently residing in Santa Barbara, CA, the same place he learned the trade that had been passed down to him from his great-grandfather, Shane spends his day in the workshop. When you live where you work, word gets around and the only way you can make it in business is if you’re good at what you do.

As the newest generation of Downs, Shane has modernized his tools and streamlined his processes. His family has been in the business long enough to know who to trust and has solidified relationships with good people. This kind of connectedness translates into quality work for you and your building dreams.


I will deliver the best service in the industry, that’s the Downs guarantee.


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