Construction Services

Have home improvement needs? Associated Construction in Santa Barbara knows what it takes to make an ordinary building into something truly extraordinary.

Your search for talent is over—when it comes to making your home look good, we’re unmatched.

Our design experts can handle every facet of your outbuilding project from siding to insulation and more. Take advantage of that space on your property that’s sitting empty—let us make it into something special and unique.


We are experts when it comes to building garages with forward-thinking function in mind—we’ll make sure the gull wings on your new Model X won’t hit the ceiling.


You know? For Kids! We build awesome kid's play structures that are durable enough for you to relive your own childhood if you feel the need. Custom, fun, and a great addition to your backyard.

Bathrooms are one of the keystones of a great home—given the time we spend in there, they need to be gorgeous, clean, and functional. With work from Shane and the Associated Construction team, the only reason people will be lining up here is to check out the incredible faceting.


For families, the kitchen serves as a major hub in the house. Does that make it the heart, or the stomach? Either way, it’s a thing that’s worth perfecting.

Our BBQ happy teams will make sure your outdoor cooking/barbecue areas keep you covered and provide excellent smoke egression, all while looking stunning. Guests eat with their eyes before their mouths: we’ll make sure the impression you leave is a good one.


Whether inside or outside, you're going to be spending a lot of time spending time with the fam, watching Netflix, and dining in the living areas of your living-room.

Decks are the height of style, admit it. Picture yourself out there in your armchair enjoying an iced tea. Whether it’s a simple patio or a new wrap-around installation, let our expert team handle the tough work will you sip.


Good fences make good neighbors! You'll find our gates and fences are elegant yet utilitarian—always a perfect compliment to the clay, stone or woodwork of your home.

We are experts at hiding keeping the unseemly things out of sight and mind. Specifically designed to be both discrete and functional, we’ll make sure that your trash enclosure stays incognito and easy to access.

Associated Construction Santa Barbara is dedicated to provide you with the best local construction services you can find in the area.


Let us take your project from concept to completion.
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