Decks & Gazebos

decks and gazebos construction


Gazebos & Decks are the height of style, admit it. Picture yourself out there in your armchair enjoying an iced tea. Either for a simple patio or a new wrap-around installation, let our expert team handle the tough work will you sip.

ACSB's expertise and quality craftsmanship will ensure that your deck is simply magnificent to look at. Most importantly, we will make it safe for gatherings of any size.

Want to keep it grounded? Our specialty is to design and install gazebos to make sure your outdoor experience is improved at any level. Whether it’s for a fire pit or simply a rustic place to sit and relax, we’ll make sure you’re getting what you’re hoping for above all. Unless you’re hoping for splinters.

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Do you want to renovate your patio? Call us to design your outdoor oasis!
We will give your patio a personality that reflects your tastes while integrating perfectly with the aesthetics of your home.

Building an outdoor terrace involves a multitude of choices, from style elements (furniture, lighting and accessories) to more pragmatic considerations (weather resistance, sun protection, etc.). So many questions on which we can help you to carry out your outdoor patio project.

Associated Construction Santa Barbara full-service remodeling team are serving Santa Barbara county area. Essentially, we can provide comprehensive overhauls and upgrades to your patio, deck, and exterior decking. Finally, our goal is to make your backyard a quiet place of relaxation.



Let us finally take your project from concept to completion.
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