Gates & Fences Construction


You'll find our gates and fences are elegant yet utilitarian—always a perfect compliment to the clay, stone or woodwork of your home.

Choose from whatever finish or style you think would be best or leave it to our team of design and installation experts to find the perfect match. We have a range of gates and fences options from the simplest extension of your existing fencing to luxurious, beautiful new installations.

Gates and fences serve as the face of your house, the first impression guests receive as they visit. Make your impressions last a lifetime with a reliable installation that never comes at the cost of elegance and style. Whether your priority is keeping people out or keeping pets in, Associated Construction will deliver.

gates and fences construction
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Associated Construction Santa Barbara is committed to the quality of all its gates & fences for your greatest satisfaction. Down to the smallest detail, we will help you make the best choices.

For aesthetics, we provide you with multiple models in multiple combinations to chose from. For your daily comfort, we have selected reliable materials suitable for our production. We will will advise you with confidence, regardless of the opening of your gate, swing or sliding.

Our team of experts represents our commitment to you. Indeed, we consider them essential to allow you to project yourself with confidence. Feedbacks from clients like you reporting the reliability of our services have proven to continuously improve our local enterprise.


Let us finally take your project from concept to completion.
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